The Seawing Mobile PLB provides a climate controlled and safe transfer of passengers from terminal to vessel while the bridge is designed to operate in any environment, be it hot and humid or cold and dry.

The Seawing Mobile PLB is fully mobile along the quay and is designed to service any ship elevation independent of different elevations in terminal exit doors. For maximum safety, the slope in the PLB is in compliance with ADA requirements at all times.

Additionally, all movement and elevation controls are electro hydraulic. This serves to reduce service and maintenance costs, as well as to provide safe and reliable operation in humid and warm environments.

The Seawing PLB offers travelers a secure, weatherproofed transport from the terminal to the vessel with a bridge designed to operate in any climate.

The Seawing PLB is more of an enlarged, airport apron drive type of bridge than anything else. It is hinged in the rotunda on the terminal side and is supported by a hydraulic powered portal on the ship side. The bridge also has at least two telescopic tunnels to ensure that movements along the quay are limited by the radius from the hinge point.

Since the slope of the bridge is dependent upon both the quay width and the docking point of the ship, the aim is to always dock so the tunnel slope will not exceed ADA requirements and to make sure that the cabin always remains horizontal.

The Seawing Quay Entry PLB allows passengers to safely and comfortably move from quay level to vessel with a bridge that is designed to operate in any weather conditions, no matter how extreme.

The Quay Entry PLB is, in principle, a simplified Mobile PLB. Elevation is controlled by electro hydraulics but the movement along the quay is done by either a forklift or a yard truck.

The quay entry PLB is designed for ports where the passengers are boarding the vessel from quay level and the port/cruise line still needs to use assigned pax entry at the vessel. And since the bridge is towed by another vehicle it can easily be stowed away from the quay.

telescopic-plbThe Seawing Telescopic PLB makes for safe and environmentally protected traveler transfer from terminal level to vessel. This is thanks to the bridge, which is engineered to function in any environment or seasonal condition.

fixed-walkwayFixed walkways are pre-fabricated and made to customized specifications and requirements. Delivery can also include steel support structures and anchor bolts.